Can Acoustical Wave Therapy Help You With Your Cellulite?

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April 6, 2015
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April 13, 2015
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Can Acoustical Wave Therapy Help You With Your Cellulite?

Here is an account of Acoustical Wave Therapy (AWT) at The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge from one of our patients:


“I have done a lot of research on what I can do to helping the appearance of cellulite and “the banana roll” on the back of my legs.  I have tried several things with not a lot of success. So I decided to check into Acoustical Wave Therapy.

I went to The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge for a free consultation.  I met with Dr. Kenyatta Shamlin and she suggested that I try AWT. Dr. Shamlin suggested that I do 2 AWT treatments per week, with the Infrared Body Wrap for 3 weeks and then she would check the progress to see if she thought I needed more sessions. Dr. Shamlin also suggested that I use the BelleDerm Trim & Tone Body gel twice a day in conjunction with the treatments to help promote skin firming.

I decided to give it a try, so I scheduled my appointment for the next day with their esthetician, Sean.  The first treatment wasn’t bad – it just sounded like a jack hammer, but there was no pain. It just felt a little uncomfortable in areas, like a little stinging sensation across the back of my upper legs.

I just finished my second treatment and already started seeing a difference in the back of my legs, each session takes about 25-30 minutes for one area.  The skin is looks and feels smoother and less dimpling on the back of my legs where Sean did the treatment.  I am also using the BelleDerm Body Gel twice a day. I did some research on the BelleDerm and found out it has micronized Vitamin C and natural diuretic’s to shrink fat cells. I have 4 more AWT sessions left and I can’t wait to see the results… I will keep you updated on my progress!”


If you are interested in trying Acoustical Wave Therapy for yourself, contact us at The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today. Our specialists will help you to find the right treatments and services to meet your needs and goals.