Treat your skin to something amazing.


The Benefits of Facials

The are many types of facials that provide amazing benefits for every type of skin. Additionally, not many other treatments can give the same relaxing and pampering feeling you have when you receive a spa facial. Choosing the best type of facial for your skin depends on the type of result  benefits you are trying to achieve. Whether it is anti-aging, or simply hydrating, let The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge provide you with pampering facials with expert knowledge.

Types of Facials

Hydrating Facial

The skin-purifying effect of this facial will restore youthful elasticity and hydrate skin with lasting moisture, leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant.  Bathing your skin with vitamin B5 and other skin-renewing antioxidants, the harmonizing effect of this treatment will smooth fine lines, rehydrate skin cells and fight free radical damage.

Gentleman’s Clarifying Facial

Specifically designed for today’s active man, this deeply cleansing and hydrating facial exfoliates and purifies the skin while decongesting pores. Our signature antioxidant blend is the perfect way for a man to balance, calm and restores his skin.  Microdermabrasion for maximum exfoliation can be added for additional cost.

Vitamin C  Facial

Restore radiance and vitality to every cell with this powerful and refreshing facial.  It targets your skin’s nutritional and energetic needs with vitamin C, one of the most potent antioxidants. Build collagen while restoring skin back to a healthy even tone.