Skin Moisturizing vs. Drinking Water: What’s Best For Winter Months?

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December 23, 2015
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Skin Moisturizing vs. Drinking Water: What’s Best For Winter Months?

Baby, it’s cold outside! When it comes to taking care of skin, we tend to only give ourselves a little TLC when the warmer months arrive. Maybe this is because we usually show a little more skin during those spring and summer months. However, in order for you to have truly healthier and more youthful looking skin, you must nourish and tend to your skin all year round. One of the most thought of ways to do this is to simply drink more water. Even though It is a well known fact that drinking adequtate water has amazing benefits for your body, does it really create healthier, hydrated skin?

Does Water Help To Hydrate The Skin?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. According to studies, drinking water to improve skin health is a wide misconception for women. Various studies and testimonials have concluded that even though drinking water hydrates your body, it does not make a visible difference in the appreance of skin. Kate Roden, a Dermatologist of San francisco says via RealSimple, “Humans aren’t like plants. Our skin doesn’t perk up when we consume water. In fact, when you ingest it, “water doesn’t go straight to the skin,” she says. “It goes through the intestines, gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and is filtered by kidneys. Then it hydrates cells. When it comes to moisturizing skin, drinking water falls short.” Additionaly, whether your skin is dry, oily, or even combination, it is generally on based on your genes.

So, What Should I Do To Protect My Skin?

No need to worry, there are many ways to go about applying nourishment directly to the skin to allow for optimal absorption. 

  • Choose oil based moisturiziers instead of water based moisturizers are recommended for colder months to prevent dry, winter skin. 
  • Bundle Up! Letting your skin become exposed to icy, harsh winds can really reek havoc on skin. Try using a scarf to cover the majority of your face when outisde.
  • Use sunscreen to protect from harmful rays. It’s not just for the summer months
  • Increase humidty levels. Try using a humidifier in your bedroom or office desk to add moisture back into the heated air

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