What To Expect From Broadband Light Therapy

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What To Expect From Broadband Light Therapy

As you get older, your face is constantly exposed to the sun, harsh cleaners and the elements. Your skin is affected over time, resulting in a dull, wrinkled appearance.

Broadband Light Therapy uses contemporary technology to rejuvenate skin, creating an even tone and texture. If you’ve recently scheduled your first treatment you may not know what to expect or how to prepare. Read below to learn more about Broadband Light Therapy and how it works.

What Is Broadband Light Therapy?

Broadband Light Therapy projects light energy into targeted layers. The heat is absorbed into the upper layers of the skin, stimulating cells and encouraging collagen growth. The process restores the skin and produces a smooth, natural appearance. The photothermal energy also eliminates fine vessels, which cause redness and pigmented lesions.

Which Areas Can Be Targeted?

Any area of the body can receive broadband light therapy. The most popular areas of treatment include the face, hands, chest, back, and shoulders. These areas are the most likely to experience the damaging effect of regular sunlight.

What Does It Feel Like?

Broadband therapy is gentle and noninvasive. Most patients don’t experience any discomfort, but if there is any pain, the treatment provider will provide you with a topical numbing cream. Every person’s tolerance is different, however, there is usually no need for a topical anesthetic.

How Do I Prepare?

During your first consultation with our doctor, you’ll be advised on how to prepare for your treatment. Preparation depends on which part of the body is being targeted. Before treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight, and refrain from tanning or medications that make you more sensitive to light.

How Many Treatments Do I Need Until I See Results?

The number of treatments needed depends on the recommendations of your treatment provider. The doctor will build a personalized plan based on your preferred outcome. Consult with your doctor to determine how many treatments will be necessary before you see the results you desire.

What Should I Expect From Recovery?

After treatment, patients should expect to experience mild redness. Many patients report feeling discomfort similar to a sunburn in the treated area. The feeling should fade after a few hours. You’ll begin to see healthier skin a few days after treatment. Sun spots, broken blood vessels and age spots, will begin to fade in one to two week.