Discover the Basics of Lip Fillers and Whether Or Not You Should Get Them

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Discover the Basics of Lip Fillers and Whether Or Not You Should Get Them

You’ve heard about lip fillers, seen them on celebrities and maybe even have some friends and acquaintances who have tried them. You’ve seen the benefits, but still feel a little unsure about getting them yourself. Is this procedure right for you?  

Which Type To Get?

You or your doctor can pick from different varieties of lip fillers. The unique options will change the benefits and side affects you can expect to experience, so talk to your doctor about the type he will use before you commit. These are the different lip filler types: 

  • Collagen is one type that was previously widely used, but is going out of style as it’s replaced by other options.
  • Your doctor might decide to use fat to add volume to your kissers. Like with collagen, doctors don’t lean on this type too much anymore.
  • These days, doctors recommend hyaluronic acid based products such as Juvederm.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

The reason that hyaluronic acid has become more popular is that it gives better results. Your doctor can create better shape and volume with this type, and problem spots like lumps are easy to fix. Your finished look will be more natural than with other types. If you would prefer, you can ease into larger lips with this method, by slowly adding more over time. You could also choose to have some modest plumping without going overboard. 

This type usually doesn’t swell and bruise as much as other types, or create allergic reactions. It also feels pretty natural and gives quick plumping without much rest time. And a big plus is that if you end up hating this type right after you have it done, your doctor can undo it by adding an enzyme that breaks it down! 

Side Effects & Downsides

Hyaluronic acid is not a permanent solution, but it gives your lips an appearance that generally stays in place for about six months. You need to have regular injections if you want to keep up the look, so it’s an ongoing process. Some minor side effects that shouldn’t last long include some redness, bruises, tenderness, swelling and bleeding where the solution is injected. It’s also possible that you could have a more severe side effect, such as irregular shaping, longer-lasting reactions to the injection site, allergic reactions, infection or problems such as scarring or loss of tissue. 

Another potential drawback is that lip augmentation is expensive and requires ongoing sessions. You won’t get help from insurance either, since it’s not a medically necessary health service. 

The other types of lip augmentation, such as collagen, can come with other side effects. You are more likely to have an allergic reaction with this type. You also have the risk of infection, sores, scarring and some other side effects. And your lips might not look as natural as with the hyaluronic acid fillers. 


Decided Lip Fillers Are Right For You?

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