Infrared Body Wraps: What You Need To Know

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Infrared Body Wraps: What You Need To Know

Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye, but we know it is there because we feel the effects of its heat. Most of us are familiar with infrared heat generated by the sun. These rays have the ability to penetrate our bodies, deep into tissue. This heat soothes the body, promotes healing, detoxifies our systems, and helps to relax the mind.

Infrared body wraps harness the power of these rays. These wraps bring the benefits of infrared waves to patients who are trying to lose weight, tighten their skin, or who may be suffering from pain or injury. These wraps allow the heat to penetrate deep into the body without burning the skin, giving patients the chance to experience the full benefits of heat treatments without discomfort.

Infrared Body Wraps For Detoxification

Our bodies naturally detoxify through sweat. Though this process, we eliminate toxins we come in contact with every day like sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, and heavy metals. Infrared body wraps stimulate the sweat response to help the body rid itself of such toxins. The heat penetrates almost two inches into the skin, generating a healthy sweat from deep within the body.

After the treatment, the skin looks and feels rejuvenated because the sweating action not only eliminates toxins, but also removes dead cells and dirt from the surface of the sin. The heat from the infrared body wrap helps create a more youthful appearance. Think of how you glow after a workout. Infrared body wraps can give you the same glow, without going to the gym.

Infrared Heat Therapy

The deep-penetrating heat generated from an infrared body wrap helps to dilate blood vessels and bring relief to sore or injured muscles, joints, and tissue.  This type of therapy also promotes oxygen flow and circulation. Many athletes seek out an infrared body wrap while training for events and competitions, as heat therapy helps deliver oxygen to the muscles, promoting recovery between workouts. When runners and other athletes suffer from minor injuries, this type of relaxing therapy can help ease pain.

The effects of low-level heat therapy can also bring relief to people who suffer from a variety of chronic and acute pain symptoms that stem from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lower back problems. The relaxing effects of infrared heat can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is the pesky appearance of trapped fat in subcutaneous(beneath the skin) layer under the skin that causes unsightly dimpling. The warming action of infrared heat can help reduce the appearance of these dimples, giving skin a more smooth and even look.

Infrared body wraps can also help patients tighten up their bodies after experiencing weight loss. One session can burn up to 1400 calories, which is far more efficient than a trip to the gym, and can help patients currently involved in a weight loss program stay on track and keep their skin looking smooth and firm.

Learn More About the Benefits of Infrared Body Wraps

To learn more about how you might benefit from infrared body wraps, please contact The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today. We can help answer any questions you may have about infrared body wrap treatments for weight loss, detoxification, pain managment and healing. 

We distinguish ourselves as all of our treatments are supervised by a medical professional and we have treatment protocols in place. We do ask you wear comfortable workout clothing for your treatments.