The Ideal Protein: The “Ideal” Weight Loss Program

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The Ideal Protein: The “Ideal” Weight Loss Program

Are you tired of struggling to loose weight? Or facing the even bigger challenge of keeping the weight off? The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge has the perfect weight loss solution for you.

The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge is happy to offer Ideal Protein™ weight loss products. Ideal Protein is FDA approved and a safe way for you to loose weight. Ideal Protein™ has had success for 23 years, but was recently introduced in 2008 to the United States. Drs.Tasha and Kenyatta Shamlin decided to offer Ideal Protein™ because it is consistent with its mission to support its patients in improving their health and wellness. The doctors are excited to begin helping their clients loose weight and begin to feel better.

What Is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein™ is a carbohydrate controlled weight loss program that allows your body to burn fat as its primary fuel source instead of carbohydrates. It is a protein-based diet that works by implementing a two-prong approach: 1. Weight loss and 2. Healthy lifestyle education. While the goal is simple, it is important to understand the cause of weight gain. Once you understand what foods cause weight gain, you will able to healthy maintain a healthy weight.

Ideal Protein™ is a four-phased plan that enables dieters to achieve desired results. Each dieter will be required to complete a weekly food log and attend weekly weigh-ins. Like any diet, it is important to adhere to the food plan to achieve success. With the support of the staff at The Medical Spa and the delicious Ideal Protein™ products we believe that this will be your last diet.

The Medical Spa will offer various products which will aid in the possible loss of 3-7 pounds per week. 

The Benefits of Ideal Protein

The benefits for Ideal Protein™ include: fast results, quick reduction in weight circumference, blood pressure improvements and suitable meal plans for diabetics. The listed benefits are only a few of the many benefits that Ideal Protein™ delivers.
Many people have several misconceptions about a protein-based diet, but our program is vegetarian friendly, and available to those sensitive to dairy. Another misconception is that its ok to start a low calorie diet to loose weight fast. While this is not only dangerous, it is also inaccurate, resulting in further health complications and suffering from hunger.

Ideal Protein™ is affordable at the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge and very convenient. Dieters that begin Ideal Protein™ with The Medical Spa will receive coaching and will benefit more from Ideal Protein™ than any other diet because of the help provided by the staff and the convenience of the weekly weigh-in meetings.

Start Today

At the Medical Spa, we not only believe in providing our clients with great benefits, but we want to deliver healthy products for our clients- to keep them looking their best.

If you are interested in learning more or want to start your last diet, with The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge’s Ideal Protein™ Program, contact the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today!