How Spa Services Improve Overall Health With Cortisol Levels

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April 10, 2020
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How Spa Services Improve Overall Health With Cortisol Levels

Spas are known for being a wonderful place to retreat to for those who love to get pampered. But did you know that spa visits are actually really good for your overall health? Those who visit spas on a regular basis tend to be healthier overall than those who don’t. Regular spa goers essentially tend to have better cortisol levels than those who don’t go to the spa. Find out what is cortisol and how regular spa visits can help you to achieve an overall healthier life.

What Is Cortisol?

Cortisol is initially known as the “stress hormone” because of it’s close link to increasing stress levels. However, it seems to be a little more complicated than that. Cortisol has been linked to weight gain, acne, and even high blood pressure. However, we need cortisol to live! It is the reason we are responsive and reactive to our environment and how our ancestors survived. 

The big problem in today’s modern society, is that we seem to be producing too much of this hormone due to daily stresses which can help to create those long term problems such as stress, acne, and high blood pressure. Cortisol reduces the “happy hormones” called serotonin and dopamine which help us to feel relaxed. 

Why Regular Spa Visits Are a Good Solution To High Cortisol Levels

To decrease your cortisol levels, you must find ways to tell your body that it is simply okay to relax. This in return will decrease your cortisol levels and increase your serotonin and dopamine levels. A wonderful way to release that stress is in the form of massages or other forms of relaxation. Scheduling recurring spa visits is an excellent way help you to take control of the cortisol levels and help you to combat those issues of acne, weight gain, and high blood pressure. 

Let The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge help you to relax with one of our amazing, stress relieving massages. They have a wide variety of massage types to choose from to fit your specific needs. Their highly trained and qualified staff has the ability to help you melt your mental stress away to help reduce and regulate your cortisol levels. simply treating yourself you a message on a routine basis is one of the easiest ways to take charge of your health.