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October 3, 2017
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Five Benefits of Chemical Peels

For years, chemical peels have been one of the most popular treatments for rejuvenating skin and reducing wrinkles. Still hesitant about the procedure? Below we’ve listed five benefits of chemical peels and detailed what you can expect from your first treatment.

1. Skin Peels Help Your Skincare Products Work Better.

Minutes after the peel is applied, your body gets to work. Chemical peels trigger a lovely chain reaction that notifies the top layer of the skin to shed. As the signal is sent deep into the lower levels of the skin, living cells below begin to multiply. The newly produced cells push themselves to the upper layers of the skin, creating a fresh, youthful look. After the peel, your skin-care products will perform better since there are no dead skin cells in their way.

2. Peels Can End Acne Troubles and Soften Scars.

Salicylic acid, one of the primary ingredients in most skin peels, penetrates deep into skin to unclog pores and also targets surface-level damage. At the upper level, salicylic acid can erode blackheads and fade post-pimple marks. The chemical even lingers in the pores and continues to keep them clear long after treatment.

3. Peels Are the Easiest Way To Control Melasma.

There’s no permanent cure for Melasma, a condition that causes brown patches on the skin, but chemical peels can be the best way to control your skin. Melasma can be present in several different layers of the skin, however, in most cases, most of the damage can be found in the bottom layer of skin cells. With each chemical peel treatment, these layers are penetrated and the formula targets damaged cells.

4. Peels Can Eliminate Dark Bags Under Your Eyes.

Most of us try dozens of different products to eliminate dark circles under the eye. Thankfully, the right chemical peel formula can safely and quickly treat circles under the eye. When used in chemical peels, TCA and lactic acid seeps deep into the skin, pass the epidermis. Many patients experience visible results after just one treatment.

5. Low-Risk Skin Treatment, Designed For Your Skin.

Everyone’s skin is unique. There are chemical peels safe to use on every skin type, but now doctors can create a customized treatment, designed to address your personal needs. These formulas can be used to boost collagen synthesis, target dry skin, and focus on your problem areas. Your doctor can add a pinch of the vitamins and nutrients they think will help your skin.

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