Essential Skincare Products For Your 20’s

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Essential Skincare Products For Your 20’s

Your 20s are all about prevention! Your skin may repair itself easily now, but as you age hormones shift and bad habits will show. Read below for more information about essential skin care products for your 20s.

Use Cleanser.

In your 20s the hormones in your skin begin to stabilize, and the oil glands start to shrink. Typically, this makes the oil-focused products you used as a teen too harsh. Try using a face wash that balances pH levels and restores hydration. Some natural beauty products are designed to soothe your skin and cleanse your pores at the same time.

Apply An Anti-Oxidant Serum.

Whether you realize it or not, sunscreen isn’t a total block. An antioxidant serum underneath your SPF helps prevent sun damage and protect your skin from environmental aggressors like pollution. Try adding an antioxidant serum to your routine, applying in the morning before you smooth on your SPF.


Shedding dead skin cells is an essential part of maintaining clear skin. As early as age 25, your skin’s collagen and elastin production decrease. Exfoliators stimulate your reparative process! Try exfoliating your skin at least twice a week to encourage a boost in hormone production. When purchasing an exfoliator, look for one that features salicylic acid. The chemical can exfoliate inside the pore and on the surface of the skin, reducing redness and soothing skin while working as an anti-inflammatory to calm breakouts.

Use An Eye Cream

The skin underneath your eyes is thin and the most sensitive area on your face. Below your eyes is generally the first place to show signs of aging. Add an eye cream to your nightly routine to help maintain moisture and combat signs of puffiness in the morning. In your 20s, under eye hydration is extremely important in preventing wrinkles and fine lines in your 30s, 40s, and beyond.

Always Wear An SPF

Wearing an SPF daily protects your skin from the most dangerous aging causes for your skin: sunlight. UVB rays found in sunlight burn your skin and over time induce signs of aging. UVB rays can be present during cloudy days and even penetrate through windows. UV rays also reflect off surfaces like sand, water, concrete, and snow, which can be just as harmful as direct exposure.