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February 7, 2017
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Discovering the TruSculpt Method

Fat is an essential part of the body and is needed to continue functioning normally; however, fat becomes a problem when it interferes with your self-image and sense of self-worth.

Before considering any alternative options, you should try to lose a certain amount of fat through changes in your diet and excise routines. If troublesome areas still retain fat there are cutting-edge treatments, which make it possible to treat fat and loose skin.

The doctors at the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge understand that many patients are looking for comfortable, non-invasive ways to improve their appearance and self-image with minimal time or interruption to their life. Non-surgical options like TruSculpt body contouring are the most advanced ways to treat problem fat areas.

How Does TruSculpt Work?

Traditional fat reduction treatments require incision and removal of fat thru surgical methods. This method can produce adverse, unattractive side effects, and can require future treatments for loose skin, which may remain.

TruSculpt uses non-invasive radio waves to direct energy into the cells of the body, allowing heat to pass through healthy skin cells that may be able to target these areas. When the energy reaches the desired fat cells, it transforms into heat and breaks down fat cells. This allows the lymphatic system to remove target fat cells over several weeks.

One of the many advantages of truSculpt body contouring is that the energy released interacts with the natural collagen layers of the skin, and encourages the skin to tighten. This is essential to adding the professional polish that skin contouring requires, without needing surgery.

Why TruSculpt?

There are many benefits to the truSculpt method of body contouring.

It’s an innovative, non-invasive way to treat excess fat and loose skin, and carries benefits other forms of treatment cannot offer.

TruSculpt doesn’t require surgery, which means patients will have less discomfort, fewer complications and a more positive overall result. It gives a more effective and even reduction of fatty areas. The radio wave energy emitted by truSculpt works to interrupt fat and allows the body to effectively remove it over several weeks. It also leaves your skin unharmed, and patients shouldn’t see any changes in their skin after treatment.

Lastly, patients should see visible results from truSculpt treatments within one or two sessions. Larger areas will require more treatments, but most patients will see noticeable results and improvement following only a few sessions.