Relax and revitalize with the Vichy Shower.

22105082 - closeup of a shower head with sprinkling water, blue toned photo.

Treat yourself to a relaxing and detoxifying water massage treatment in Baton Rouge’s only Vichy Shower.

You may ask, what is a Vichy Shower? A Vichy shower includes five to seven shower heads that run parallel to a cushioned treatment table, so you can get a detoxifying shower while lying down. It is usually used in conjunction with a body treatment, like a relaxation massage, scrub or body wrap. Instead of jumping up and getting in a shower to rinse off the salt or mud, you simply lie there and enjoy the water massage in a serene setting.

We also offer color therapy with your Vichy shower session. You can choose a color to help you set the mood you seek. We will be more than happy to help you select the perfect color for you.