Body wraps have long been a coveted solution for weight loss, but how well do they work? Below we’ve shared some information on the amazing results you can expect from your first body wrap treatment.

What Is a Body Wrap?

Every body wrap serves a different purpose as they all feature different ingredients. Detox wraps use products like algae, mud, clay, gel, or seaweed to rid the body of toxins. Wraps used for hydrating use a variety of creams and gels to soothe, soften, and hydrate skin across the body. Slimming body wraps feature natural ingredients that soothe the skin and focus on reducing weight.

How Does It Work?

Everybody wrap begins with exfoliation, which could include a salt scrub, body polish, or dry brush. Next, your specialist will ask you to lie down. Many specialists, especially massage therapist, incorporate massage techniques as they apply the body wraps. Once you’re wrapped, you’ll stay in the product for about 20 minutes. When the treatment is complete you’ll be unwrapped, and the body mask will be washed off. Your specialist may ask you to take a shower or rise you off with a handheld shower. Finally, once you’ve dried off, you’ll be asked to apply lotion.

Can Body Wraps Help Me Lose Weight?

After a slimming body wrap, it’s possible to lose several inches off your waist, hip, legs and other areas of your body! Expect a slim and tight appearance across the body following a wrapping session. During a slimming body wrap, your body is wrapped entirely with your arms at your side and heated, forcing you to sweat. Throughout the next 30-minutes, you’ll sweat out water, toxins, and harmful chemicals, ultimately losing weight in the process.

What About Cellulite?

Cellulite body wraps help improve the appearance of dimples on the skin and reduce marks. Wraps are boosting elasticity in the skin and plumping areas of cellulite. Some patients report losing several inches of cellulite and leaving with tight, firm, and moisturized skin.

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