The Amazing Benefits of Body Wraps

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June 29, 2015
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The Amazing Benefits of Body Wraps

Everyday our bodies are exposed to toxins from the food we eat to our environment. Using detoxifying body wraps can eliminate most of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, not to mention they are relaxing and invigorating. Just one treatment can restore your body with essential vitamins and minerals that will have your body and soul glowing.

How Body Wraps Work

Detox body wraps use a variety of purifying ingredients with a clay or mud base to draw impurities out naturally. Common ingredients added to the base are sea salt, fresh herbs, seaweed, coffee and organic oils. Each treatment will probably be the dirtiest hour you’ve ever spent in a spa, but don’t worry; everything comes off easily with soap and water.

If the mud and clay haven’t hooked you already, here are three amazing benefits of a detox body wrap.

Quick Fix For Cellulite

Body wraps for cellulite are a great short-term fix for an event or beach vacation. The wrap will instantly make your skin look and feel tighter. Added bonuses: you could shed a few pounds from water weight and instantly boost your confidence. Just remember, this is only a temporary fix for cellulite so be sure to stick with a daily exercise routine to truly torch the fat.

Exfoliating & Moisturizing

Our skin often doesn’t get the love and care it needs to look its best. All wraps have moisturizing properties just by adding some essential oils, a little heat and lotion.  It’s an easy and relaxing way to glowing skin.


Mud, clay and seaweed are age-old remedies for “pulling” toxins from the body. Some disagree, saying it’s not scientifically proven, but others swear by the treatment. Regardless, these ingredients will leave your skin soft while you feel relaxed and recharged.

To get the most out a detox body wrap, be sure to stay hydrated before and after. This will aid in flushing the toxins from your body plus leaving you with a boost of energy. Also, try to eat clean (no sugars, fried foods or alcohol) for the next few days to boost the benefits.

There are numerous benefits of body wraps from aiding in weight loss to glowing skin. Here at The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, we offer three types of detoxifying body wraps: Infrared, Invigorating Avocado and Red Stick Cellulite and Detox Slimming. View our Body Wraps page for more information or to schedule an appointment.