How To Achieve Youthful Skin With More Collagen

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How To Achieve Youthful Skin With More Collagen

Collagen is more than just the main structural protein found in our connective tissues; it also keeps us looking youthful by giving our skin strength and elasticity, and helping to replace dead skin cells. Found in our muscles and bones, collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. As we age, however, collagen production naturally begins to slow down. Other factors, like high sugar diets, smoking, and sun exposure can also rapidly deplete collagen levels. This can bring about wrinkles, sagging skin, and weaker cartilage in your joins.

Benefits of Collagen

There are many beauty benefits to maintaining healthy levels of collagen. These include smoother skin and hair, stronger teeth and nails, detoxification (which helps with clearer skin), and it reduces the appearance of cellulite and stress marks. While most people initially think of the beauty benefits, collagen can also help boost your health.  Collagen can repair damaged joints, helps with a “leaky gut,” and it can increase your metabolism.

How To Retain & Boost Your Collagen Levels

When it comes to collagen, you want to keep what you have and find ways to get even more.  Here are 5 ways to get you back on track:

  1. Stay Smart in the Sun: We all love a good tan, but one of the best ways to retain collagen is to protect skin from the sun. Use sunscreen DAILY and avoid tanning beds.
  1. Vitamin Intake: Vitamins C, B, and E are essential to retaining and producing collagen. Vitamin C is a key nutrient in collagen and elastin production can be a limiting factor if you don’t obtain sufficient quantities in your diet. B-complex vitamins and Vitamin E contribute to the formation of collagen. Antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables are a fundamental way to get your body what it needs to produce collagen at healthy levels.
  1. Apply a Topical Antioxidant: Skincare products containing Vitamins C and E can reduce the injury effects of ultraviolet rays.
  1. Gelatin: Gelatin is a protein formed when collagen is broken down. However, it can also help build your collagen levels. Gelatin is typically made from animal bones and hides; however, you can also produce it at home in dishes like aspic. Eating gelatin foods will help your body manufacture collagen.
  1. Collagen Restoration: Collagen restoration, like Laser Genesis treatment, can rejuvenate your appearance and improve damaged, aged skin by stimulating collagen production that continues over time. This treatment results in a healthier, younger-looking complexion that requires no recovery time and has no possible complications.

There are many ways to achieve a more youthful appearance in your skin. Maintaining and boosting your collagen levels is an easy and proven method to reduce wrinkles and brighten your complexion.