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7 Shaving Tips For Men

It never ceases to amaze me how many men shave improperly resulting in irritation, inflammation, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Here are some tips to get a great shave without all the problems.

Tasha Shamlin, MD

7 Tips For a Better Shave

  1. Make sure your beard is thoroughly wet.
  2. Quality shave cream is a must.
  3. Use a shaving brush to lift the hair away from the skin allowing a closer more comfortable shave.
  4. Use a sharp razor, a dull razor causes much more trauma to the skin.
  5. Shave only in the direction the hair grows making sure to rinse after every swipe of the razor.
  6. Rinse with the coolest water possible and pat the skin dry with a towel.
  7. Shaving can remove up to 2 layers of skin so it is important to use a moisturizer that calms and and soothes the skin after shaving.

Following these tips should help you achieve optimum skin health, avoid shaving problems, and help you to look and feel your best.