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5 Tips For Great Skincare

Follow these five tips to protect your skin from damage!

  1. Use an SPF
    Applying a daily sun protectant is one of the easiest ways to protect your skin. Apply a thin layer to your skin every day to create a protective barrier between your skin and the damaging UV rays of the sun.

  2. Moisturize or Hydrate Your Skin
    No matter if your skin is dry or oily, replenishing moisture is key to the health of your skin to soften and smooth skin as well as to prevent premature aging.

  3. Manage Stress
    Stress can easily affect your body in a number of negative ways. This can affect your skin through acne break outs and sensitivity. Allow yourself time to rest and relax so that your body and your skin can recoup!

  4. Be Gentle With Your Skin
    Abrasive cleansers and towels can strip your skin of its natural moisture. Use gentle cleansers, soft towels, and cool or lukewarm water to rinse your skin.

  5. Follow a Healthy Diet
    What you put into your body directly affects the condition of your skin. Make sure to eat a balanced diet of fruits and veggies as well as to drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and boost its health from the inside out.


For treatments and products to help you maintain flawless skin, contact us at The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today! We can help assess your skincare needs and struggles to then find just what you need to reveal gorgeous skin.

We offer a variety of procedures from microdermabrasion to IPL technology to Botox. We specialize in the treatment of skin of color as well as Caucasian skin for both men and women.

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