4 Misconceptions About Infrared Body Wraps

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February 20, 2018
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4 Misconceptions About Infrared Body Wraps

Despite popular belief, Infrared Wraps can offer you a set of benefits you can’t find with any other treatment, and won’t dehydrate you in the process. Below we’ve tackled some of the biggest misconceptions about Infrared Body Wraps so you can put your fears to rest!


Myth 1: The process dehydrates you.

About 65% of the human body is composed of water. During your infrared wrap session, the body’s core temperature is raised, stimulating sweat production. A session will cause you to sweat, but won’t dehydrate you any more than an intense workout. We recommend each patient drink water before, during and after each session. It’s important to hydrate after each session to help your body continue flushing metabolized fats and toxins.

Myth 2: The process is dangerous and exposes your body to unfit temperatures.

Without realizing it, we experience infrared heat every day! About 54% of the sun’s output is infrared and all warm-blooded animals (including humans) emit it. Controlled infrared heat treatments are safe for adults, and are even used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. At The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, the materials, sensors, and temperatures generated by our Infrared Wrap systems are rigorously tested to ensure the safety of our patients.

Myth 3: Infrared wraps are just like saunas.

Infrared warps and saunas do bear similarities—but are not one in the same. Both services are powered by infrared heat, but share its benefits in different ways. A sauna session typically last about 20 minutes or less, depending on the participant. During sauna treatments, the infrared waves need to pass through the entire sauna before they reach your body. In contrast, infrared body wrap sessions last about one hour. Benefits of a body wrap session begin within the last half hour of the session. Wraps place infrared closer to the body, enabling the treatment to be more effective.

Myth 4: They don't offer any real health benefits.

Sweat is one of the body’s primary methods for detoxifying and strengthening the immune system. As you sweat, pores open and purge the body of toxins that cause pimples, rashes, eczema. Blocked sweat glands can cause serious medical problems, and can be attributed to a change in hormones or the immune system. Sweating detoxifies the body and can improve toxicity levels.


Now that the misconceptions are out of the way, book your first Infrared Wrap treatment at The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, stress-free! We create a relaxing environment for our patients and thoroughly educate you about the treatment process. Click below to schedule your initial consultation.